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Restoring Agroforestry Systems and Strengthening Farmer Networks

Big Island Resource Conservation and Development Council (BIRCDC)/ Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative

Value Chain Development

HIAP Strategy: 

Through this project, partners will enhance the Cluster's capacity to sustainably produce, aggregate, process, store, market and distribute local staple crops – while strengthening the social infrastructure that enables effective cooperation between farmers and with other value chain stakeholders. Specific activities include: 1) enhancing breadfruit farmer capacity and on-farm economic viability through targeted technical assistance addressing systemic barriers to scaling agroforestry, 2) strengthening structures for collective action through technical support around cooperative governance, stewardship and business development, and 3) resolving aggregation and processing bottlenecks through procurement of shared-use equipment and assessing the feasibility of repurposing vacant processing infrastructure for agricultural business development. While these efforts focus on building resiliency throughout the value chain, market and workforce development are integrated through engagement with other Coalition members.

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