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Market Systems Development Initiative (MSDI)

Hāmākua Institute

Market Systems Development

HIAP Strategy: 

The project seeks to increase the collective capacity to build competitiveness and sustainability by strengthening HIAP’s capacity for joint public-private economic analysis and action. It seeks to leverage the full potential of market- driven growth to increase employment, income and resiliency in the county. Project components include:
Establish teams to carry out value chain analysis on Staple Food Crops, Export Crops and Agribusiness Support Services.

Lower barriers to cooperation through collective action working with the Hawaiʻi Island Agriculture Partnership (HIAP) and Hawaiʻi Island Food Alliance (HIFA).

Identify potential pilot projects to test proposed innovations with industry partners that can be scaled up for widespread impact.

Build market access for local products, gathering, sharing and jointly analyzing market data and designing new marketing initiatives for local value-added agricultural products.

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