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2021 - Bamboo and Hemp Webinar

Think BIG is pleased to be hosting a webinar to discuss how bamboo and hemp can be an important contributors to our sustainability efforts. Our speakers will discuss how to cultivate these plants, their value in regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration, their use in low carbon construction, and their role in diversifying our economy.

The event is on December 1, 2021, from 3-430 PM HST.

This is free and open to the public.

Register HERE

Our Panel

Bobby Grimes is the General Manager for Hawai’i Agriculture, Energy and Earth Products. Bobby has been doing organic gardening for over 30 years. Bobby has experience in cultivating hemp and bamboo and using them for construction.

Deborah Todd is owner of Building Design Services sustainable. She is a building designer based in Kohala and has experience designing energy-efficient homes, including those constructed with hemp-based material. Deborah is a certified Sustainable Building Advisor, and LEED accredited professional and served on the Built-Green board in Bellingham, WA.

David E. Sands, MA, LEED AP is the founder of RIZOME and BAMBOO LIVING. He has extensive experience in the construction of residential bamboo homes, developed the first US building code standard for structural bamboo, and the commercial cultivation of bamboo.

Neal Tanaka is Acting Deputy Building Chief for the County of Hawaii Department of Public Works. He will discuss permitting consideration for sustainable building materials.

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