Hawai‘i Island Agriculture Partnership

Action Teams

Value Added Growth

Our objective is improved access to inputs, equipment and support services that increase the production and profitability of small farms.


  • Improved efficiency and synergies in value chains that enable greater cooperation and market access


  • Increased processing equipment and services for value additions to local farm products

  • Increased investment and additions in local processing capacity

New Pathways

Our objective is increased availability of and training for agricultural jobs and business opportunities.


  • Improved efficiency in farm labor recruitment and productivity

  • Increase pool of skilled talent, especially those with applied skills in agricultural production and processing, marketing, accounting, etc.


  • Increased youth interest and engagement in agricultural careers

Market Opportunities

Our objective is improved agricultural market linkages enabling a wider range of products and increased sales.

  • Increased promotion and brand awareness of local agricultural products

  • Increased market channels and opportunities for local farms

  • Improved planning and informed decision-making for production, processing and marketing of local agricultural products

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